FLV Player 2.0 released

I just released a new version of FLV Player: 2.0. Please go to the “FLV Player page”: for more details and give this new version a try! The most important and also most requested new feature is the option to switch to fullscreen mode.

FLV Player screenshot

Besides that obvious addition, I have also taken the opportunity to implement a new design, added some preferences like auto-check for updates and use video smoothing. I also added the option to scroll through time with the mousewheel and made it possible to use the keyboard to trigger most of FLV Player’s functionality.

Please let me know what you think of this new version!

By mdvisser
Posted in: FLV Player
Published: 2625 days ago


  • Zane said after 13 mins

    Wow! Thanks, for the software!

    You probably want to change this:

    It still says this: Download FLV Player 1.3.3

  • qureyoon said after 1 day

    been waiting for this :)

    thanks a lot !

  • Yaminou said after 3 days

    It’s very useful!
    But could you please add srt support?


  • gonzo said after 4 days

    standard shortcut for fullscreen (and back) is Alt-Enter. Perhaps you might want to use that, too.

  • Min Thu said after 5 days

    Just downloaded v.2 which is very good. :)

  • kwyjibear said after 5 days

    There are some great improvements. One thing that was changed that I wish hadn’t is in the Info window. It used to report total time in seconds. That was very helpful in my job. Now it displays in minutes and seconds.

    And I think I found a bug (I say think because I don’t know if this happens on other systems). After playing a video on full screen, I click on the play button again and it 1) comes out of full screen and 2) the menu buttons that normally appear in 1x mode are gone.

    But it is still a great program.

  • Miguel said after 6 days

    How can i save a video from the flv to my computer?

  • José Antonio said after 7 days

    Why can’t I move forward and backward with the arrow keys, like in Winamp?

    I was waiting for that in v2.0 :-(

  • Pofis said after 7 days

    Hey! i’ve been using your program for a while, it’s great!
    Do you need any help in programming? i would be interested in helping, specially in optimization in seeking for example, or other features.
    send me an email if you need any help.

  • chrizz said after 9 days

    I love the FLV Player :)

    It will be better and better, extra good work !

    But me missing a playlist.
    It would be great, when you are able to make these.

    Thanks for the FLV Player :D

  • freki said after 14 days

    Are there a loop function ? I think it’s very usefull, but i can’t find it :/

  • Naveed said after 14 days

    Just downloaded the whole suite from Applian.

    Using FLV player 2.0. Works great! Would like a button to go back 20-30 seconds. I am using it to view Salsa dance clips to watch the moves. Would like to click a button to replay the same sequence over and over again.

    Also, an option to go into slow motion to watch the sequence (1/2 time) would be great as well.

    Best Regards,

  • Ernest T. Bass said after 15 days

    Biggest improvement by far that I see is video smoothing. I had noticed for some time that when downloading (saving) those t-i-n-y YouTube vids, they were even smaller when played back afterward, if you kept the original quality – which is horrible to begin with, in most cases.

    If you increased their size, then they really tanked (became very pixelated). But now with video smoothing, you can at least increase them to YouTube size without losing quality. Sweet!

    I wish it was possible to lock in the screen size when switching to a new vid. Is it? It’s a real hassle having to resize the screen every time I load a new file to get it up to a decent size.

    I agree with all the other suggestions, BTW, but love the new minutes and seconds display – user choice would be the way to go here, I think. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • david hunt said after 17 days

    This would be of great use in a classroom IF the Always on Top feature were implemented. Since flv is NOT a supported type in PowerPoint (a teachers stock in trade) the method of choice is to use the Action property of a piece of clickable text and have that reference the flv file. Windows then calls for the exe associated with flv and the magic happens. Unfortunately, about half the time, the player gets bounced to the window BEHIND Powerpoint and you just get the audio. If Always on Top was a sticky option, this application would be a real help in the classroom!!

  • ahv said after 20 days

    some tips.

    1. would be even nicer, if you implented more standart keybord/mouse shortcuts (like alt+enter for fullscreen, mouse wheel and up-down arrows for volume control, left-right arrows for scrolling etc.)

    2. option “on top while playing” would be useful.

    3. bug alert! settings and info windows must be on top of the main player window even if it’s “always on top”.

    4. bug alert! right clicking mouse on settings/info windows executes the same pop-up menu, and changing these windows “on top”-status is a bit weird.

    5. they make settings/info/alike windows modal usually.

    6. “on top”-status of the main window should be saveable too. so better move this setting to those in settings window.

    7. why oh why it displays the name of the opened file in dos 8.3-format?

    sorry for crappy english.

  • Booyah said after 22 days

    I can’t seem to get version 2.0 to stay in the Open With dialog.
    I guess I’ll just revert to 1.3.3
    Oh and I guess you should make it so that installing version 2.0 uninstalls version 1.3.3

    Voor de rest een prima programma, veel succes met het verder ontwikkelen ervan.

  • Rick said after 22 days

    Does 2.0 load OVER 1.3.3?
    Does 1.3.3 have to be removed before loading 2.0?

  • Martijn de Visser said after 23 days

    @Booyah: what do you mean with “…to stay in the Open With Dialog” ?
    @Booyah and @Rick: You don’t need to uninstall 1.33 first, it will be overwritten by 2.0

  • Kai Bolay said after 26 days

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the new version doesn’t seem to support rtmp:// URLs while 1.3.x didn’t have any problem with that. With the new version I only get the “failed to load” error message.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way I can help debug this problem?


  • mike mcgarry said after 28 days

    how let size remain without having to hold mouse/cursor at sizer point. If you want to move cursor, screen goes with it. V. 1.33 was okay for this. Great product. Thanks. Mike.

  • Muad'Dib said after 29 days

    Possible Bug in FLV Player v2.0 Build 22:

    If BOTH settings “Use video smoothing” and “Maintain framerate” are enabled, then keyboard commands don’t seem to work (or the system is so lagged it seems that way). At first I just thought the keyboard was non-functional in full screen, until I played around with turning various options on & off. FYI, I’m running Win XP Pro on an AMD Athlon chip w/1.25 gb of RAM.

    Other comments:

    I agree with previous poster(s) who requested the ability to save window SIZE (instead of always reverting to tiny window). And maybe increase some of the text size when you go to a larger window (not all of us have 20/15 vision!).

    By the way, great program (I wouldn’t bother to report bugs if I didn’t like it)! Thanks.

  • Marco said after 32 days

    Great! But could you please add a “loop song” button ?


  • Tim Harvey said after 32 days

    The new FLV player is fantastic. I love being able to expand the viewing screen continuously, and the stay-on-top option (although this option needs refreshing).

    I agree with several earlier suggestions about using standard key controls (Alt-Enter etc).

    What I *really* want is a playlist feature. I’ve got hundreds of videos and I would like to just have them just play through without having to pick the next one to load up.

    Keep up the good work!

  • DaveBooty said after 35 days

    Great, useful little program. I’m reviewing it for my blog. Gonna post the article tomorrow here:

    Keep up the great work.

  • mant said after 36 days


    it doesn’t display foreign characters, tho.

  • Igor said after 36 days

    Still cool app.
    Now finally has + left/rigth arrow…. but it skips 5 sec. could it be less? Like in Quicktime? Easier to navigate to get the best part where you want a screenshot :-)

    Groeten uit België
    – Igor

  • Sam said after 36 days

    Hi Martijn,
    I just try out your new updated FLV player, To be honest, same thing happen on my older PC which is a 1.3 Mz Chip with
    XP SP2, 512 MB RAM.
    everytime I loaded a FLV file,it will keep on playing until stop, I cannot touch any control on the FLV player.
    And with your new version, the sound goes very Choppy.
    I don’t have any promble on my 1.7
    Mz laptop,with 1 GB RAM
    which is also running XP SP2 .
    It’s your program “Sucks” Ram???


  • Phil said after 37 days

    Great little player

    It can even be run from a USB flash drive.

  • Martijn de Visser said after 37 days

    @Sam: I am aware of the non-responsive UI issue. I’ve reported this issue to Screentime, creator of mProjector. I hope they find an issue soon!

  • rich said after 38 days

    You new player looks great and plays things that choke VLC. I think it’s better than Adobe’s AMP. Hey could you add a playlist?

    I would like more metadata too. VLC does show good info, as does FLV MetaData Viewer, and it would be great if you could too.

  • NewAge said after 39 days

    I see that there is no “Turkish” language choice in the player.
    If you send me the language file I can help you to translate in Turkish ;)

    Thanks for the player…

  • Kyle Luna said after 39 days

    I’m also having a problem with the rtmp streams not working in 2.0, while they worked just fine in 1.3.

  • Sandro said after 42 days

    Hi, i use your flv player but the volum is very low, is possible introduce the high volume ?

  • Shaggy said after 42 days

    i cant get the flv player to play anything please help, it seems like every one likes this program but me ,i copy paste drag open folder play nothing plays please help

  • ngocnt said after 44 days

    i use v2.0 build 23

    its context menu option ‘s not changed when i select an item. but the function is ok.

    if the player has now playing list, it’s so wonderful.

    thank you very much.

  • ZombyWoof said after 44 days

    Like the implementation of resizing windows!

    Bug – tried to save settings, but none will save for me.

  • Needit said after 45 days

    Haja, i wanta ask somethin.
    There was a site where u could turn youtube links in FLV documents.
    I NEED ID!!!

  • david said after 46 days

    seems great, but the cpu usage is very high. i can’t play on 2x mode anymore without hitting 100% cpu usage. it used to work on the 1.3.3 version.

    i am using a intel p3 697hz.

    hope it gets fixed :) THANKS for the software

  • Sergio said after 47 days

    I really love FLV Player v.2.0 build 23.
    Thank you Martijn.

  • anulka said after 48 days

    I wish there was a playlist available…

  • Prokur said after 53 days

    If there will be playlist, it will be my favourite player :)

  • Ken said after 54 days

    I noticed the program has high CPU usage
    and it would not respond to keystrokes, etc.

    Here’s a fix that worked for me, it does not
    hog resources anymore:

    find the executable file FLVPLAYER.EXE and right
    click on it, select PROPERTIES, COMPATIBLITY,
    and check Run this program in compatibility mode.
    I chose WINDOWS 2000 (I run xp)

    It now works beautifully.

    Thanks, Martijn for writing this


  • zeroxp said after 55 days

    Good Player!
    Where can i find a detailed userguide or documentation?
    is it supporting playlist now?

  • Techgy said after 58 days


    Thanks for your hard work on the new version of the FLV player.
    Years ago I put out a program as shareware. It’s no longer around, but going through the process gave me a keen understanding of what’s involved.

    Your efforts are appreciated, especially given that the player is being offered for free!


  • RMendoza said after 60 days

    Hi Martinjn,

    Thanks for developing this new version of FLV Player. I have been using it and so far the software works great.

    However, I have been trying to play this one file I downloaded and it always stopped at different portion with a message “Empty Buffer” and after a while I would see a message “Flushing”. I tried downloading the file several times and when I played it, the result would be the same except that it stopped at different time of the video. By the way, the FLV file has a size of 114mb. I hope the size does not matter.

    Anyway, I appreciate your effort in creating your software. More power to you…

    Thanks a lot.


  • miguel said after 66 days

    Installs and works in linux via wine very well, it even puts the direct link on the desktop.
    suse 10.2 standard
    wine-0.9.51-11.1 standard suse binary

    GOOD JOB, thanks

  • liuhuan said after 67 days

    I’m a flash developer in Shanghai, China. I used the 1.3.3 for a while.

    Thanks a lot for the new version! It’s really useful!

  • William said after 70 days

    Grateful if you would enhance the functionality of flv player to open .m3u playlist (ASCII playlist). Thankyou and Regards,


  • Deitmeck said after 74 days

    Hi Martijn, its a great piece of software, thanks a lot! Do you know something similar for a pocket PC (with windows mobile 5)?


  • Arturo said after 74 days

    With YouTube videos (Ctrl+V URL) I only get the “failed to load” error message.

  • Martijn de Visser said after 75 days

    @ Arturo – FLV Player doesn’t support direct playback of YouTube video’s. It is technically possible, but the “YouTube Terms of Use”: (article 4C) forbids such functionality for third party video players.

  • ESGAPRE said after 82 days

    Dear Martijn,we have recomended to our students your FLv player,it is efficient and very functional.

    Our acknowledge.
    Director Academico.

    ¡Be happy! you and your family

  • Lawrence said after 82 days

    Wow – please just make it in Adobe AIR :)

    BTW your captcha is impossible

  • Rafael Marin said after 90 days

    Nice job, dude!
    This is the best FLV player ever.
    Thanks for this outstanding software.

  • tj said after 90 days


    Greate SW, just 1 BIG issue. Please add the possibility to use play lists like in WinAmp and other SW!

    Please also consider adding the possibility to remember additional settings, like zoom factor (always start in 2x……..). And a repeat (film/playlist) function would also be nice……….

    Best Regards

  • Justin said after 91 days

    How do i download files from youtube to my desktop so i can play them on the FLV player. Thanks.

  • kate said after 92 days

    hoi martijn,
    thanx for good program.
    how can i save the file from youtube if i want have them in format FLV?my PC only asks me if I want to safe it, but it´s in strange format and i have to open difficultly by – open- with program- etc…

  • Marc Auslander said after 98 days

    Thanks for the continued work on this. Two things I’d like to see.

    1. I wish the player would have the option of remembering its size as well as its position when I open a new file.

    2. The stop button has disappeared. I use it because of the lack of feature 1. I open the file, immediately stop, resize, and start. Now I have to pause and then click on the skip left button to get back to the start. (Or am I not seeing a stop button that is there?)

  • Marc Auslander said after 98 days

    A more troubling difference has appeared. In 1.33, pause and start cleanly stopped and restarted. In 2.0.23, pause doesn’t stop instantly, and start stutters foward a bit. I’m back to 1.3.3 for now.

    Again, thank you for your efforts on this wonderful tool. I hope you take these reports as input, not complaint.

  • Russo said after 99 days

    ??????? ???????!!! Big thanx!!!

  • Kuikens said after 99 days

    Thanks Martijn for the new version.
    Full screen is greatly appreciated!

  • DonWilly said after 102 days

    When wil there be a FLV player for windows mobile?

  • Tai said after 102 days

    Where can I find the FLVPlayer.ico so I can use it for the FLV files on my computer instead of the default Windows Media Player.ico?

  • ArminF said after 111 days

    I would appreciate if the installation of “Yahoo! Toolbar” was advised more visibly. It took me some minutes to get rid of it. But else thank you for this gem.

  • RG said after 111 days

    To save files from sites like YouTube, I use FireFox with the Download Helper add-on.

    “I guess you should make it so that
    installing version 2.0 uninstalls version 1.3.3″

    Please don’t! If an option to replace one with the other is available, that’s great — but I hate the fact that Microsoft (and others) cause me to automatically lose an earlier version of a program when installing a new version.

    I think this is a great program.
    I need no playlist.
    I need no loop function.
    I need no slow-motion function.
    I like simple, clean interfaces.
    I like programs with small footprints.
    I respect programs that run standalone so that I can carry them on a USB drive if necessary.

  • anonim said after 112 days

    If you could Add:
    Full screen shortcut key – F11
    like in those little known programs: Opera,IE,Firefox,Word,Excel,(etc),WMP11 etc etc.

    Remember x2 would be nice too
    And faster disapearing of full screen controls
    Maybe also [X] button in full screen to?

    Also information that you can use
    page like to download FLV

  • Juraj said after 113 days

    Hi, you did a great job with the 2.0 release.
    The only thing I’d wish to have in future releases is to optimize the code for video smoothing. When I play the FLV movies in the Windows Media Player (using ffdshow FLV codec), the CPU usage is about the half of the FLV Player’s CPU usage. Actually, I don’t care whether the CPU usage is 20 or 40%, but it’s quite annoying watching the movie on my notebook and hearing the CPU fan.
    I noticed, that the player uses the Windows GDI funcions (for rendering?). Maybe that’s the key to succes – avoid using them.

  • tom said after 120 days

    Hi Martin,

    I think your flv-player used to have had a lot of fans in the portable app community. Are you planning to make flv-player 2 portable any time soon?

    Thanks and greetings,


  • Ronni said after 120 days

    Amazing job, Big THANX MATE!.

    ive been testing your app since first public release
    and this version 2.0 IS JUST GREAT!!!

    i wish someone develops something similar for symbian v2 mobile phones
    if its in java better as it will be suitable for the majority of the phones out there.

    yes i know theres been a release of flash lite 3 on january and there are
    others developing players for flv mobitubia,or emTube
    but they are suitable for the latest nokia Nseries only.

  • MA Wedding Videographer said after 122 days

    Now that there is the new flv player? what is the best software to create flv files? is there an easy way to make high quality flv’s? if not, what are the best settings for making a good looking flv?

  • Mbugua said after 123 days

    Is it possible to support the player showing a content list, then when someone selects the content they wish for it begins playing? I am running a wirless internet service and would like to have this embedded for user generated content.

  • Thomas said after 125 days

    Any plans to make this able to stream .mp4 files? It won’t recognize the URL when I try to paste it.

  • Ian said after 131 days

    Hi Martijn,

    I want to use an action button from within Powerpoint in Slideshow mode, to launch an FLV movie in FLV Player. I can’t find a wa to force FLV Player to stay on top of all other windows. I know that if I just start FLV Player that I can right click the Player window to select the option to stay on top, but if Powerpoint is in Slideshow mode, the FLV Player starts, and then disappears immediately under the Slideshow…so is there a way to have FLV Player always stay on top, as a default?


  • Covert Ops said after 131 days

    It would be great if the player would try to play files with the .flv removed from the name. I want to drag and drop flv file without the filetype extention. Example…’do you want the player to try to play the file?’

  • Eric said after 135 days

    The player looks and works great. There is small one thing, though–the total running time is not displayed correctly if it’s an hour or more. Maybe there aren’t a lot of files that big, but it should be easy to deal with.

  • William said after 146 days

    still playlist support is not available in 2.0.24
    quite disappointing !
    is it so difficult to enhance the functionality to support playlist ?
    it involves just having the player read a text file !

  • burningbush said after 147 days

    I’d like to second William’s (from Hongkong) call for adding the feature to load m3u playlists. VLC Media Player can do this with m3u playlists that contain a list of flv files, and it would be great if FLV Player would also.

    Thank you!

  • Eric said after 147 days

    hey when u release the next version will you include a repeat button
    and a list of playing songs

  • Hanzl said after 148 days

    My favorite FLV player.
    Neat and compact..:)

    Found a little “bug”.
    When selecting “Windows Behavior” it doesnt mark your choice.
    It says “Standard Windows Behavior”.
    No matter what you choose.
    No big deal, just a “schoonheidsfoutje”..:)

  • John said after 150 days

    Nice player, but has a killer bug for me – on a two-monitor setup, I can’t keep it on my second monitor. It presumably has some clever code that pops it back on screen if it slips off the side. It’s making the wrong calls though, so on any resize on the second monitor, or if I drop a new video onto it, it flips back to monitor #1.

  • Future request please said after 151 days

    A future request please, a brightness funktion, to be able to change the brightness if the movie is to dark

    other than that, great player

  • Jobs Meng said after 154 days

    thank for software from China

  • Zoey said after 156 days

    Hi, do you have a FLV player that is Vista x64 ?
    I am looking for a 64 bit version of this software,
    and can not find it.

    I do NOT want to use x86 version in my x64 platform OS.
    people keep telling me to just install it and that it works,
    I understand that it works, but its NOT what I want.

    So I came here in hopes that the author can actually make a version for
    x64 bit OS platform users.

    This way my system programs all remain 64 bit and NOT
    used by Hybrid x86 on x64 platform.

    thank you very much.
    Love the program by the way. :D

  • s said after 163 days

    Thank You very much

  • Alvin Liuson said after 164 days

    Awesome FLV player. Thanks so much.

  • Q said after 167 days

    Excellent player as always! Keep it up!

    Few things – 1. Every so often it seems to try to contact a server, even though the update setting is off? 2. A playlist or playing of a group of files would be very useful for multi-part vids.

  • Veovis said after 167 days

    Seems to be a great app, but for one big problem I’m having. FLV Player will close for no apparent reason. Sometimes it closes after only one second of being open, sometimes it takes approx. 10 seconds. Other times it seems fine for nearly a minute, but it NEVER fails to just crash. It happens regardless of whether or not I’ve loaded an .flv file, or just opened the program and let it sit. I understand this may not be the players fault, but does anyone have any idea what would cause this? It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve even installed the latest adobe flash again, but it made no difference. Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions/help

  • marosy said after 168 days

    Thank you for your outstanding work.

  • xot said after 168 days

    Great player, but I have the same problem as #609; I really wish this had better support for dual monitors. It would also be nice if it worked with digital video adjustment filters provided with GPU drivers, but I suppose that is up to Adobe.

  • xot said after 169 days

    One more thing: any web links in the application should open the user’s default browser (which may not be Internet Explorer).

  • Dave S. said after 169 days

    Are there any command line options? It would be great if I could write a batch file to run FLV Player with a certain file, fullscreen from a start time to and end time. That way I can create a presentation of multiple videos glued together that play the sequences that I want.

  • Dexter said after 176 days

    FLV Player has a problem on playing audio-only content FLV files. The main window will disappear (actually resized to a pixel size).

  • Dexter said after 182 days

    The FLV player should clean up the mprojector directory in Temp after closing.

  • Cordialis said after 244 days

    Dear Martijn

    Thank you for the FLV Player. I love it. I still run the old blue/gray version with great pleasure. I was thinking, however, would it be possible to persuade you to write a date in the post where you download? It would make it easier to follow the development if one could see when the post was last edited. The version numbers escapes me – unless of cause I write it down. So a date would really be a help…

  • Miguel said after 245 days

    Thanks for this player, it’s great!

    Here’s a little quibble, though: when I go to the settings panel and check the “use video smoothing” and / or the “keep frame rate” options, nothing happens. When I re-open the settings panel, these options are unchecked, even though I did click “ok, save”. It just seems impossible to enable them. I’m currently using version 2.0 build 24, but the same thingh happend with the build I used before…

    It seems to work for other user, so… any suggestions?

    XPpro SP2 | coreduo 1,83 | 1GB.

  • Miguel said after 245 days

    OK, just checked again: in fact, I can’t change *any* of the settings. Why is that?

  • RizQnoY said after 247 days

    Great Program!!!
    But there is a few things :
    1. A playlist or playing of a group of files
    2. Looping/Shuffle
    Anyway thanks so much.

  • Pétalo said after 264 days

    Thanks Martijn for the new and improved version.
    I’ve been using FLVPlayer for quite sometime.
    What I liked most in this release (2.0.24) is the continued simple, yet effective, interface. Miss the “stop” button, though.

    I’ve installed 2.0.24 on a different folder than 1.3.3. Now I have them both, coexisting on my ol’ good laptop (Win XP SP3, Intel 4PM, 1.7GHz, 512 MB RAM).

    I’ve played the same FLV file on both. Once, on turns. Another time, simultaneously — I like it that they don’t lock the file in use. Both weighed the same on my CPU, around 40~50%, without tweaking 2.0.24 .exe file with the compatibility mode thing. The volume level is also the same on both, normal.

    Though I second RG:

    I think this is a great program.
    I need no playlist.
    I need no loop function.
    I need no slow-motion function.
    I like simple, clean interfaces.
    I like programs with small footprints.
    I respect programs that run standalone so that I can carry them on a USB drive if necessary.

    Yet I appreciate that, with build 24, many features added, answering user inputs (as I understand from reading the comments here since v. 2 was fist released), for example, but not exclusive to:

    Loop feature.
    Player window behavior (standard, always on top, or always behind).
    Remembering last player screen position.
    Remembering last used volume and mute settings.

    … and probably others I unintentionally overlooked.

    I know I talked a lot, but I have just one thing I’d like to add:
    The floating info window is really a step forward in the friendly UI department. But I don’t think that the settings window should be too. I maybe proved wrong, but I think it should lock the focus to it, and can go back to the player window only when it’s closed with either button, [ok, save] or [cancel].

    … Oh, I almost forgot! Both 1.3.3 and 2.0.24 stop and pause in the same fashion, for the file I’ve played on them, and it doesn’t bother me. ^_^
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work. ^_^

  • Pétalo said after 264 days

    Hi again!

    I’ve played another bigger FLV file (10.5 MB), still without tweaking the execution compatibility to Win 2K.

    First, played the online file on 1x. Playback went ok for few seconds. Then halted, this message poped up from my windows taskbar:

    Windows - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low : Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied. For more information, see Help.

    … and the player froze. I had to kill its process.

    Then, I played the local FLV file of the same, also on 1x. Playback went through smoothly, weighing 40~52% on CPU usage, fair on memory.
    switched to 2x with video smoothing. CPU usage jumped to a whooping 93~99%, even with tweaking the execution compatibility, but maintained same memory share as of 1x playback.

    Hope you regard this as an input rather than a complain.

    It would be really appreciated if the File Open dialog box offers (*.flv) file type filtering, instead of just “All files (*.*)”.


  • Frodo said after 266 days

    To change and save the settings, you will have to allow Adobe Flash Player to save some Information localy on your computer.

  • Jim Stanaway said after 267 days

    I have downloaded flv 2.0 and am running Windows XP. I am unable to get any Sound when playing FLV videos. The volume control is set to Max on FLV and the volume on my speakers is on and operation. Any suggestion on what I need to do to get the Sound to work??

    Thanks for your help..


  • Nitroray said after 272 days

    Hey, ik mag van mijn administrator geen software installeren, maar jouw player is stand-alone, en daar ben ik blij om, weet jij ook een stand alone converter Martijn?
    Groetjes Raymond (ik nam aan dat ik ook nederlands mocht praten)

  • JeffG said after 278 days

    Martin, one thing I’ve noticed with 2.0 build 24, the temporary folder and files your program creates (mProjector etc) are not deleted when you exit.

    This same issue doesn’t exist with 1.3.

    I’m running Flvplayer under Windows 2000 SP4.


  • RickyRick said after 278 days

    FLV player is a great tool. But only one thing is not so good: After player finished to play a video, I always have to open a new FLV file manually. It would be nice if there would be a feature to open/save a playlist.

  • contagious said after 280 days

    Great Program!

    Is it possible to have an option to use overlay for video display? It might greatly reduce CPU usage. Thanks.

  • Norio said after 285 days

    Hello. I found a little bug.

    I’m running on Windows Vista. There are dual display on my PC.
    when I change a size of FLV player’s window on display 2 , window automatically move to display1.

  • Huy K. Nguyen said after 291 days

    This new version is really good. I love the fact that you can use the scroll wheel to go through the timeline. Sweet!

    Take care,

  • Aurora said after 291 days

    Dear Martijn,

    A few days ago I searched the internet to maybe find options for bigger/full screen in the FLV Player. Found the version 2.0.0 build 24!
    Am very happy with the new program (kept also the 1.3.3….). Thank You!!

    Ik agree with RG’s “also”: “I need no…..” full list. Please keep the standalone programme small and simple!
    Thanks again.
    Have a nice (further) summer Martijn.
    Greetings, Aurora.

  • Christian said after 299 days

    Hey , Tnx for your work …great stuff.

    I use it to check all my Flv work ive bin doing.
    Im doing a lot transparent stuff.
    So it would be nice to be able to change the backgroundcolor witrhin the player. I still use the older 1.33 because of its grayish background.


    keep on roling

  • steve said after 302 days

    after reading all of the above praises for the new flv player, i feel it is a shame to write a fault.
    the old version worked fine with vista but the new version since downloading it plays fine but has no sound!!!!
    i will say i am not a computer nerd so have no idea when it comes to this kind of stuff, can anyone help?

  • Kim said after 305 days

    DAMN NICE WORK! Thanks!

  • Billigflüge Brasilien said after 310 days

    I use the VLC Player, but if FLV keeping what you promise i will change instantly.

  • SaintStewart said after 311 days

    I was searching for an FLV player tonight, and found not only your site, but also another site at – – and was confused as to who really made this app, as the one on that other website looks EXACTLY like yours, except theyve added their name into it. I did more searching, and found out you are the original, so I’m making you aware of this – it seems this other website is stealing (as far as I can tell) your player and rebranding it. Its a dead ringer for yours. Might want to look into it. If I dont see any kind of a response on here sometime tomorrow, I’ll shoot you an email.

  • Martijn de Visser said after 312 days

    Hi SaintStewart – actually, the Applian player is a (legal) branded version of my FLV Player, so they’re not doing anything wrong. Thanks for the heads up though.

  • SaintStewart said after 312 days

    No problem! :) Keep up the great work with this app – it rocks.

  • Mondain said after 314 days

    Martijn, Any idea when you will have support for Speex?

  • Ron said after 321 days

    Any chance of a version to run on Windows Mobile? I’m using Applian’s Replay Media Catcher to download the FLV’s and then their convertor to change to AVI for tranfer to my AT&T (HTC) Tilt and play it with TCPMP. It sure would be nice not to convert the FLV and be able to play it with a mobile version of your player.

  • jeff said after 376 days

    Thanks for the update, but you’ve removed my favourite feature… on top of other windows. Will that be restored anytime soon?

  • dizi izle said after 405 days

    The FLV player should clean up the mprojector directory in Temp after closing.
    Thank you.

  • Edgar Rafael said after 419 days

    How can i leave the Player build 25 on top of all windows

  • Genesys said after 475 days

    How do I convert videos to FLV Player known as points. Mpeg or avi?

  • Charley said after 536 days

    Awesome player

    Wishlist: Better Multi-Display support

    I would like an flv player that plays video to external/second display/projector with controls detacted & remaining on 1st display.

  • Abbas said after 556 days

    hey thanks for nice player..:)

  • canuck said after 557 days

    Same problem as 2 others with multi monitor set ups. When the video starts it moves back to the primary monitor. Other then that, great program, thanks!

  • Mike said after 606 days

    There is a bug in the v2.0.25 version that will not allow you to save changes made to the settings. As such, if you do not want it connecting to the Internet every time it starts, you’ll have to find a different player.

    This is a rather unfortunate choice to make as I like FLV Player, but forced Internet access is to much like Malware for me. YMMV.

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